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Ref. article: 111/122/003
Product description
Fully-Automatic Food Slicer - 330mm
Ergonomic design in stainless steel for highest demands.
Automatic stacking and shingling.
Simple operation.
Variable speed of carriage up to 55 strokes per minute.
Quick and easy Cleaning. Manual Operation possible.
Maintenance-free gear motor.
Technical Data
Counter Space required (L x W): 574 x 502 mm
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 674 x 853 x 490 mm
Weight app. 75 kg
Voltage 3-phase or 1-phase,voltage and cycles as
required power consumption 0,6 kW
Power Consumption 0,6 kW
Sound Level <70 dB (A)
Blade 300 mm‚ 6, hollow-ground,hard chromed, stay sharp quality
Slice Thicknes 0 bis 10 mm (infi nitely variable)
Cutting Length 255 mm
Cutting Heigh 180 mm
Capacity Speed of Carriage variable, app. 25 - 55 strokes per minute
Precise Slicing Because of separate gear motor for blade rotation. Therefore 98 % power
transmission by direct gear drive.
Stacking Maximum height of stack 75 mm
Shingling 1 - 9 Iayers automatlcally, shingling distance can be pre-set
Manual Operation For special slicing procedures the machine can be manually operated by
simply turning a Iever at the carriage.
Security and Hygiene Model VA 2000 conforms to legal security and hygienic requirements. Sharpening
device is removable.
Carriage can be tilted aside for cleaning. Chain frame, stacking device and receiving plate are removable.
Machine body and all metal parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel.